Strategic Goal 1

Goal 1: Enhance and enrich our infrastructure to best serve the unique and varied needs of our Veterans, military personnel, and their families in an interconnected and dynamic environment.


SUBGOAL 1.1 Continue to improve and build upon the effectiveness, efficiency, and functionality of the Center, so that it serves as a comprehensive resource in a single location for military-affiliated students, the campus community, and all stakeholders.

  • METRIC S1.1A Measured by a student satisfaction and climate assessment
    • ACTION 1.1 Facilitate conversations with key stakeholders and partners to establish a shared/integrated space designed to serve Veterans, military-affiliated personnel (e.g., ROTC programs), and their families that is congruent with the institution’s vision and strategic plan, and that promotes and provides meaningful opportunities for student learning, development, and engagement

SUBGOAL 1.2 Enrich and cultivate collaborative partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to intentionally promote and advance the organization.

  • METRIC S1.2A Number and diversity of internal partners
  • METRIC S1.2B Number and diversity of external partners
  • METRIC S1.2C Establishment of a university-wide advisory committee
  • METRIC S1.2D Number of external partners (e.g., the VA Central Iowa Health Care System, the Des Moines Vets Center, etc.) who have standing appointments on campus to serve and assist military affiliated students 

SUBGOAL 1.3 Ensure the Veterans Center is appropriately staffed, streamlined, and structured so as to recruit and retain talent who can support continued excellence and further the institution’s dedication to serving student Veterans, military-affiliated personnel, and their families. 

  • METRIC S1.3A Number and type of employees supporting the Veterans Center
    • ACTION 1.2 Annually review the duties and responsibilities of the Director and other staff, and reclassify if warranted to ensure the classification and compenstation reflect expectations and duties
    • ACTION 1.3 Submit a request, and secure funding, for additional full-time employees to support the Veterans Center
    • ACTION 1.4 Ensure all Graduate Assistants supporting the Center are a permanent part of budget allocations
    • ACTION 1.5 Increase the number of VA Work Study students, Undergraduate Research Assistants, Fellowships, and Volunteers who serve the Center

SUBGOAL 1.4 Purposefully and continually invest in and develop the employees, so that they are knowledgeable about and responsive to the unique and varied needs and experiences of the community they serve, and in such a way that it improves their leadership abilities, competence, skills, and enhances the quality of services provided.

  • METRIC S1.4A Number and type of professional development opportunities the employees participated in, and contributed to, throughout the year
    • ACTION 1.6 Supervisors will acknowledge and include employees’ efforts related to professional development in the annual performance evaluation process


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