Strategic Goal 2

Goal 2: Provide an intentional and comprehensive approach to programming, support, and services that cultivates holistic wellness, promotes educational effectiveness, builds greater awareness and appreciation, and creates a safe, welcoming, accessible, empowering, and inclusive environment.


SUBGOAL 2.1 Increase the application, retention, and completion rates for student Veterans and their family members.

  • METRIC S2.1A Number of applications submitted which indicate military affiliation
  • METRIC S2.1B Retention and completion rates

SUBGOAL 2.2 Improve the academic integration, skill development, and performance of student Veterans and military-affiliated students, and focus additional effort on promoting, employing, and evaluating strategies, programs, services, and/or interventions that facilitate student learning and success.

  • METRIC S2.2A Number of strategies, programs, services, or interventions promoted and/or conducted
  • METRIC S2.2B Student satisfaction with programming and services offered
  • METRIC S2.2C Number of individuals in attendance at workshops, or using tutoring services, Academic Coaching, Supplemental Instruction, or academic success and/or recovery programs
  • METRIC S2.2D Student, faculty and staff reported gains in knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s)  
  • METRIC S2.2E Number of student employees, Graduate Assistants, or professional staff who have academic support as an expectation of their job duties/requirements
    • ACTION 2.1 Supervisors will review and update position desctiptions to include academic support as a job duty
  • METRIC S2.2F Track the academic performance of students (e.g., Mid-term DFW grades submitted, number of students placed on Academic Warning or Probation, etc.)


SUBGOAL 2.3 Maintain and enhance existing programming, and envision new programming, services, and events that build peer-to-peer support and community.

  • METRIC S2.3A Number, type, and variety of programs and events offered
  • METRIC S2.3B Number of individuals in attendance


SUBGOAL 2.4 Provide support for Veteran and military-affiliated student organizations on campus in an effort to continue building and strengthening the campus-wide community of student Veterans, military-affiliated personnel, and their family members.

  • METRIC S2.4A Number of military-affiliated student organizations and events organized
  • METRIC S2.4B Number of military-affiliated students engaged in student organizations 
  • METRIC S2.4C Students self report of being involved and engaged and what they have gained or learaned 
    • ACTION 2.2 Supervisors will acknowledge and include employees’ efforts related to supporting student organizations in the annual performance evaluation process

SUBGOAL 2.5 Provide on-going education and training for students, faculty, staff, and the greater community on issues and opportunities relevant to student Veterans, military personnel, and their family members; theses educational opportunities should also designed to foster deeper awareness, understanding, and appreciation of these populations.

  • METRIC S2.5A Number of presentations, trainings, or panels conducted
  • METRIC S2.5B Number of individuals in attendance
  • METRIC S2.5C Pre- and post-evaluations of the applicability and use of the information

SUBGOAL 2.6 Identify, communicate, and address institutional barriers, and further streamline campus administrative services, policies, and procedures for student Veterans, military personnel, and their family members, and regularly review, evaluate, and refine these in collaboration with the appropriate official(s) to ensure they are informed by best practice and available evidence, and aligned with the ever-changing higher education and political landscape.

  • METRIC S2.6A Establishment of a university-wide advisory committee
  • METRIC S2.6B Recommendations from the university-wide advisory committee that are implemented
  • METRIC S2.6C Policies and procedures resulting in greater student success over time

SUBGOAL 2.7 Continue to create and maintain an environment that is safe, welcoming, accessible, and inclusive, and establish and implement culturally-relevant and inclusive requirements for on-going staff education/training and professional development.

  • METRIC S2.7A Measured by a student satisfaction and climate assessment
  • METRIC S2.7B Number and type of professional development opportunities the employees participated in, and contributed to, throughout the year
    • ACTION 2.3 Supervisors will acknowledge and include employees’ efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the annual performance evaluation process



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