Strategic Goal 3

Goal 3: Position the Center as an exemplary and leading program in the Midwest by creating a culture that inspires active participation at all levels of the organization, and where individuals learn, and are commited, to return services by incorporating new and innovative thinking.

SUBGOAL 3.1 Continue to provide statewide leadership in the education, support, and advocacy of Veterans, military-affiliated personnel, and their family members within institutions of higher education across the State of Iowa.

  • METRIC S3.1A Hosting or assisting with the planning and implementation of the Annual Iowa Statewide Veterans Conference
  • METRIC S3.1B Hosting or assisting with the planning and implementing the Home Base Iowa (HBI) Certified Higher Academic Military Partner (CHAMP) Veterans in Higher Education Summit
  • METRIC S3.1C Number of Veterans Center employees serving on local, state, and national committees, boards, and advisory teams
    • ACTION 3.1 Supervisors will acknowledge and include employees’ efforts related to committee work and service in the annual performance evaluation process

SUBGOAL 3.2 Leverage Iowa State University’s land-grant values, ideals, and mission to envision and implement new approaches to teaching, learning, and delivery of services across Iowa’s 99 counties. 

  • METRIC S3.2A Number and classification of employees reporting to the Veterans Center
    • ACTION 3.2 Submit a request, and secure funding, for a shared full-time position between the Veterans Center and Extension and Outreach to serve the State of Iowa
  • METRIC S3.2B Number and type of programs, services, and community-based events delivered across the State of Iowa
    • ACTION 3.3 Develop a system of communication that helps communities organize systems of support and share information
  • METRIC S3.2C Number of individuals in attendance
  • METRIC S3.2D Number of speaking engagements by the Veterans Center staff

SUBGOAL 3.3 Position the Center in a way that allows the university to effectively respond to and positively influence ever-changing guidelines, laws, regulations, and policies affecting student Veterans, military-affiliated personnel, and their families; advocate for representation at the appropriate institutional, state, and national levels to strongly encourage conversations are focused on how to best serve these populations.

  • METRIC S3.3A Maintain the HBI CHAMPs designation 
  • METRIC S3.3B Number of Veterans and military-affiliated designations (e.g., Military Friendly Schools, etc.) earned by Iowa State University

SUBGOAL 3.4 Build upon current efforts to encourage, support, conduct, organize, interpret, and disseminate research focused on Veterans, military-affiliated personnel, and their families, particularly those studies set within the Midwest.

  • METRIC S3.4A Number of research studies presented and/or published in cooperation with the Center
  • METRIC S3.4B Track the number of faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, or undergraduate students who reach out to, and/or partner with, the Center to conduct research, evaluations, or assessments