Strategic Goal 4

Goal 4: Continue to cultivate and develop relationships, which could ultimately lead to securing additional funding to accomplish, sustain, promote, and advance the mission and vision of the Center.


SUBGOAL 4.1 Explore state/provincial and federal funding sources, and write grant proposals to secure financial support for enhanced programming and services to further enhance the mission of the Center.

  • METRIC S1.1A Measured by a student satisfaction and climate assessment
    • METRIC S4.1A Number of grants submitted
    • METRIC S4.1B Number of grants awarded and administered

SUBGOAL 4.2 Continue to strategize, build upon, and implement donor development and fundraising strategies that best support the continued growth and sustainability of the Center, maximize stakeholder participation, increase external funding contributions, and create new opportunities to advance the Center.

  • METRIC S4.2A Total dollars raised through fundraising efforts
  • METRIC S4.2B Number of initiatives and methods used to raise funds
  • METRIC S4.2C Number of contributions made to the Center, or in support of the students served by the Center
  • METRIC S4.2D Number of students helped/served through the various funds administered by the Center (e.g., The Community Gratitude Fund, etc.)

SUBGOAL 4.3 Decrease financial barriers to student success.

  • METRIC S4.3A Number of scholarships, grant aid, and support in dollars awarded
  • METRIC S4.3B Increase awareness of financial aid available
    • ACTION 4.1 Establish, maintain, and promote a comprehensive listing of all scholarship, grant aid, and support dollars directly applicable to, and available for, the student communities served
  • METRIC S4.3C Number of people using the website listing of scholarship and financial information 
  • METRIC S4.3D Percentage of military affiliated students completing FASFA


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