The Veterans Center staff would like to provide an update for the Fall 2020 Semester. We understand that this is an uncertain and stressful time for many of you, and we want to make sure you know we are here to support you in whatever ways we can.

Fall 2020 Veteran Center Operations 

  • The Memorial Union is open. The Veteran Center is located in the Memorial Union and will follow all buildings and university requirements related to wearing personal protective equipment and physical distancing. Please visit to stay up to date with changes to the Memorial Union operations. 
  • Call or email to schedule 1:1 Zoom meetings with our staff. We are excited to assist you. 
  • We are prioritizing the use of in-office space for walk-in services and conducting previously scheduled 1:1 Meetings for those who need to meet in person.
  • There will be a calendar of indoor and outdoor events to meet and greet and information sessions in spaces in and around the Memorial Union Building that offers us more space to ensure the required physical distance. More information will be coming soon. 
  • Two computers in the Veterans Center are available for reservation, please call or email for more information on how to reserve computer time.
  • We will have specific days and times that we are reserving the Col. Pride Lounge for Programs and Services (more information coming soon).

Our team is committed to making ourselves as accessible as possible through other means, including email, phone, and Zoom. If you need to contact or meet with any staff member, please email us (see below), and we will get back to you to find the best time and format for you.

Contact Information

· Veterans Center: OR (515) 294-9801

· Dr. Gerard V. Tate, Director.

· Fred Lloyd, Assistant



If you are planning to participate in Academic Coaching, please send us an email, and our new Academic Success Graduate Assistant will be in touch soon.

If you plan to participate in the Vet Connect 360 program for Fall 2020 and have not been in contact with Fred, please email him immediately to enroll (


Events & Thursday Night Dinner

The Veterans Center has been piloting our to-go format for Thursday night dinner. We have had great success, and we plan to offer the same service during Fall 2020. Please stay tuned for further announcements.



We will continue to stay connected virtually through email updates and social media posts. In the works are study tips for taking online classes and staying mentally well while social distancing. Make sure to follow our social media accounts for increased, interactive content starting next week!

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Education Benefits

The following information has been provided by the VA:

At this time, legislation is still pending regarding COVID-19 and how it may impact GI Bill students. The VA will be making no adjustments to student’s awards regarding COVID-19 until further notice. As a reminder, Education Service has determined that students who have started their enrollment period and attended at least in part as resident training are eligible to continue to receive the MHA at the in-resident rate for the entire enrollment period.

If you have questions about your specific circumstance, please contact the Education Call Center at: 1-888-442-4551 between 8 AM and 7 PM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday.

Moving Forward

We understand that you may have questions about how this may impact you in a variety of ways. We encourage you to consult ISU’s FAQ page to stay updated on the impact of COVID-19 on the University. We also encourage you to consult legitimate, verified resources for accurate information on COVID-19, including the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health. Finally, please know that if you need any assistance navigating these sites or have questions that are not answered, please reach out to us and we can assist you in finding the answer.

We encourage you to take care of yourself during this uncertain time, and know that the Veterans Center is thinking of you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Veterans Center Staff