For Students

As part of our mission as a public land grant institution, our office is committed to helping Veteran and military-affiliated students succeed academically, while also providing opportunities for students to engage with our community in meaningful ways. To the right you will find some topics you may want to become familiar with during, or even before beginning, your adventure at Iowa State. Remember, our mission is to serve as an advocate for you and to help you navigate the University. 

We are excited that you are joining our community. If you have additional questions that have not been answered on our website, feel free to contact us.


Military Education Benefits

Education is key to your career both in and out of the armed services. In fact, the U.S. Military provides a number of benefits to help cover the costs of attending an institution of higher education. Our office wants to make sure you take advantage of any and all benefits available to you. Click here to learn more.

In-State Tuition Benefit

As part of the Higher Education Opportunity Act- 2008 (HEOA), Iowa State University offers in-state tuition to qualified individuals. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are on active duty for a period of more than 30 days, their spouses/domestic partners and dependent children are eligible for in-state tuition assessment. Click here to learn more.

Applying and Returning Instructions

We recognize that Veterans and military personnel often bring a set of unique life skills and experiences that add value to our University.  Whereas Veterans and military personnel are non-traditional, we'll work with you to ensure you have the same opportunities as all incoming students. Click here to learn more.

Veterans Compass

Veterans Compass is our community's INDOC briefing focused specifically on the Veteran and military-affiliated student experience. Attendance at one of the sessions is not required, but is highly encouraged if you are a Veteran, servicemember, or military family member enrolling for the first time at Iowa State University. Click here to learn more.

Academic Support

The Veterans Center is here to support you in your pursuit of acemic excellence. Click here to learn how.

Getting Involved

One of the best ways to ensure your success at Iowa State is to get connected to and involved with the Veterans community. Our office provides a number of different ways to get involved and stay connected with your fellow brothers and sisters. Click here to learn more.

On Campus Support

Higher education is a challenge for everyone, regardless of military affiliation, which is why Iowa State has a variety of offices dedicated to supporting students during their adventure at the University. These resources are at your disposal and you are encouraged to reach out as needed. Click here to learn more.

Work for the Veterans Center

The Iowa State Veterans Center is a VA certified work study site where we provide military-affiliated students with an opportunity to work on campus during the day. We encourage anyone in our community to apply to be a work study as it is a great way to stay connected with one another and give back to your brothers and sisters. Click here to learn more.

Leaving for Active Duty

As a servicemember, you may be called to active duty while you are a student. Such an occurence can happen and it is oftentimes stressful. We can help guide you through the procedures as you prepare to leave. Click here to learn more.

Returning From Active Duty

The process of returning from active duty can be just as stressful as leaving. We can help ease the transition. Click here to learn more.

Studying Abroad

Interested in seeing the world and taking in other cultures while continuing your education? Then Iowa State's Study Abroad programs might be just what you're looking for. Click here to learn more.