Requesting a Tutor

We never want finances to get in the way of your academic success. If you would like to use the Academic Success Center’s tutoring services, but you are not in a financial position to pay for tutoring, the Veterans Center can help cover that cost.

Who is eligible?

All military-affiliated students, including Veterans, servicemembers, national guard, and dependents, may use Veterans Center funding for tutoring through the Academic Success Center (1060 Hixson Lied Student Success Center). 

What costs are covered?

Tutoring typically includes a $5 administrative fee per semester and $4 per tutor session. At the Veterans Center, we are here to support your success and our commitment to you is that we never want finances to be a reason our students do not utilize resources. The Veterans Center will cover these tutoring costs. 


  1. Request a tutor through the Academic Success Center. For a step-by-step visual guide with screenshots, click here.
    1. Go to
    2. Click “Request a Tutor”
    3. Step by step instructions.
      1. Click “Start New Application” 
      2. Check “I agree” and click “Accept Terms”
      3. Click “Edit” to input information (for all sections, including General, Funding, Courses, and Schedule) 
      4. Select “Veterans Center” as your funding source
      5. Select the courses for which you are requesting a tutor
      6. For schedule, follow the directions to indicate which hours you are available 
      7. Review your request for accurace
      8. Your request is not sent until you click “Submit” 
  2. Contact the Veterans Center to set up a meeting to discuss academic performance and create an action plan moving forward.
    1. Schedule a meeting with a Veterans Center representative through ISU Appointments in AccessPlus OR email
    2. A Veterans Center staff member will approve the funding request after the meeting. 

Helpful Tip

Be proactive. If you think a tutor might be helpful, submit a request. The sooner you request a tutor, the better. (You can submit a request before the semester even begins!)
Students who experience difficulties matching with a tutor should contact the Veterans Center to discuss alternatives and next steps. 

Questions or concerns, email