Leaving for Active Duty

Recommended Procedures for Students Called to Active Duty

Students who are called to active duty before a semester begins should submit a copy of their orders to the Registrar's Office, 214 Enrollment Services, Ames, IA 50011 or fax: 515-294-1088. Arrangements for loan deferments and other issues cannot be completed until a copy of the orders are on file in the Office of the Registrar.

Students who are called to active duty after a semester begins should review the University policies and options listed below:

  • Receive grades or incompletes for all courses if approved by your instructors
  • Receive administrative drops with a refund for some courses and grades/incompletes in other courses if approved by your instructors
  • Withdraw from all current term courses with full refund of tuition and fees

These options apply to a student who is the spouse of a deployed servicemember with a dependent child.

    Discuss your situation and plans with your adviser

    • If you would like to receive grades/incompletes, and if time permits, please contact each of your instructors to work out appropriate details. If an incomplete grade is approved, you and your instructor should complete an Incomplete Mark (I) Report form which states "Called to Active Duty" as the reason for the incomplete. The one-year deadline for the automatic conversion of unresolved incompletes will not be applied in these cases.
    • If you would like to receive grades/incompletes, but do not have adequate time to contact each of your instructors, please notify the Dean of Students Office, 1st Floor, Student Services Building, 515 294-1020. That office will act on your behalf to see that instructors are advised of your call to active duty and your desire to receive grades/incompletes. Your grading options as agreed upon by your instructors will be documented for you and you will be asked to advise that office as to whether you wish to accept the grading option or one of the other options available to you.

    If administrative drops or a withdrawal are to be processed, your adviser should initiate them. Reasons for the withdrawal/administrative drop should clearly state "Called to Active Duty." A copy of your military orders should be attached to the withdrawal form, or your military branch, unit, and location must be noted on the withdrawal form. If your orders are not available until after you leave for active duty, you should submit a copy to: Registrar's Office, 214 Enrl SC, Ames, IA 50011; or fax: 515-294-1088 when they become available.

    Your decision as to which option you wish to pursue will depend upon your personal situation, the time remaining in the semester and agreements which can be made with your instructors. Contact the Office of the Registrar, 214 Enrollment Services Center (515-294-1840) to discuss your call up status and to answer any questions about the procedures to follow. Please note: These procedures do not apply to students who are fulfilling their two-week annual training.

    Students who are called up for a short-term active duty mobilization (other than annual training) during the course of a semester have the same options as listed above. In such cases, instructors are expected to make reasonable accommodations to allow students to make-up tests and assignments following return from active duty.

    University Attendance Policy for Military Service Military Service

    "Instructors shall excuse absences due to Veteran or military service obligations (including service-related medical appointments, military orders dictating appointments, and National Guard Service obligations). When a student’s military or veteran obligations are for more than two weeks, the student should meet with their advisor to discuss the situation and academic options and work with their instructors to discuss potential accommodations. University procedures are in place for such situations and should be followed. In all instances, students have a responsibility to communicate with their instructors to ensure they are continuing to meet course expectations and requirements. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to utilize the ISU Veterans Center and review information at veterans.iastate.edu."

    Amended and approved by the Faculty Senate on 4/17/18; the Senior Vice President and Provost on 4/19/2018; and the ISU President on 4/22/2018.

    *For additional information regarding the University Attendance Policy, please see the Faculty Handbook

    Offices to Contact:

    • Office of the Registrar, 214 Enrollment Services Center (515-294-1840) to communicate your wishes with respect to your enrollment for the upcoming term. Also, if you are receiving Veteran’s benefits, please see a VA Certifying Official in the Office of the Registrar to inform them of your plans.
    • Information Technology Services, 192 Parks Library, 515-294-4000; solution@iastate.edu, to keep your Iowa State University Network-ID and e-mail active while on duty.
    • Department of Residence, 2419 Friley Hall, 515-294-2900, if you are living in University housing.
    • Student Financial Aid Office, 0210 Beardshear Hall, Ames, IA 50011-2028, 515-294-2223, if you are receiving financial aid. If you are a recipient of student loans, the Office of Student Financial Aid will contact your lenders if you provide them with a copy of your orders.
    • Dean of Students Office, 1st Floor, Student Services Building, 515-294-1020, if you experience any problems or need assistance in matters relating to Iowa State University.