Veteran and Military Student Admission Requirements

All Veterans, military personnel, and family member applicants must first complete an application for admission to Iowa State University. You will need to meet admission requirements as outlined for either freshman or transfer students. We recognize that Veterans and military personnel often bring a set of unique life skills and experiences that add value to our university. Whereas Veterans and military personnel are non-traditional, we will work with you to ensure you have the same opportunities as all incoming students. As a land-grant university, we place high value on accessibility to higher education and will work with you to ensure you're set up for success.

Please click on the checklist for prospective students here

Freshman Students

If you have not taken any college courses since graduating from high school, you would need to meet freshman admission requirements.

Transfer Students

If you have previously taken college courses at another institution since high school, you should apply as a transfer student. Refer to the transfer admission requirements section for additional information.

Please note: military credit earned will not count toward the 24 academic credits you need to complete in order to have an admissions decision based only on your college course work.

Reentering Students

If you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate at Iowa State and wish to return as an undergraduate after an absence of at least 12 months, you must apply as a reentering student.

What if I don't meet admission requirements? What are my options?

Contact Dr. Gerard Tate, Director of the Veterans Center, at or at 515-294-9801. There may be other options available.