Financial Assistance Opportunities

Even if you qualify for military education benefits, college can be very expensive! It is important you understand how your military education benefits will be applied and what expenses you might still incur. The goal is for you to graduate from ISU with little or no student-loan debt! Thus, we've put together a list of some important financial considerations:

1) Be sure to fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  • Even if you are using military education benefits.
  • Even if you missed the FAFSA deadline.

Also, if you filled out your FAFSA while on active duty and will be transitioning to ISU to be a full-time, please talk with the Office of Student Financial Aid. You may need to fill out some additional paperwork to reflect your current status as a full-time student.

You can access the FAFSA website here:

2) Be sure to review the ISU Scholarship Website!

  • With ISU’s OneApp scholarship portal, undergraduate students can submit scholarship applications in one system.
  • The Office of Student Financial Aid, academic colleges and departments, and other campus units will use the information available in OneApp to select scholarship recipients.
  • Deadlines will vary depending upon the scholarship, so we encourage students to log-in to OneApp early (and often) to ensure deadlines are met.

You can access the ISU OneApp scholarship portal here:

3) Look for external scholarship opportunities!

  • As a military-affiliated student, you have the opportunity to apply for numerous scholarships external to the University, offered by various organizations and non-profits.

You can access a current list of opportunities here.

4) A few other important points to consider:

  • If using military education benefits (i.e., GI Bill, NGEAP, Fed TA, etc.), be sure to keep your VA Certifying Official apprised of any changes in your course schedule/status.
    • For example, if you drop below full-time (12 credits), your benefits could potentially be reduced!
  • As a student using military educational benefits, your Ubill will not accrue late fees during your first semester at Iowa State while awaiting your funding.  Future semesters, if your benefits are delayed due to VA processing issues, you will not be assessed late fees on the amount that the VA is paying on your behalf.

5) Important Contacts for Financial Business:

Individuals with an asterick next to their names are our designated POCs and part of our Financial Success Team.  


VA Certifying Officials

515-294-1840 (Option 6)

     *Ron Sykora (A-G)


     Lisa Rich-Mckelvey (H-O)


     Jennifer Hansen (P-Z)


Accounts Receivable


     *Katina Van Dyke


Office of Student Financial Aid


     *Seth Miller


Office of Student Financial Success


     Megan Moore