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Welcome to the Veterans Center

During your time at Iowa State University, you will find a home at the Veterans Center.
Our mission is to strengthen the lives of Veterans, military personnel, their families and our community. You will find the Veterans Center to be a place where you can go for Veteran-related questions and to connect with others in forming a greater sense of camaraderie around a shared common experience. We are here to help with the unique challenges associated with transitioning into a university setting.

As an extension of our services here at Iowa State, we have outstanding staff ready to serve you, including VA Certifying Officials, Accounts Receivables, Financial Aid and many more.

The Veterans Center is located at 3578 Memorial Union and offers a lounge/study area. We are generally open 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday.

Reminder for Veterans making schedule changes

Making schedule changes may affect your military education benefits. Please check with a V.A. certifying official in the Office of the Registrar before making schedule changes. Contact information

Veterans Learning Community for Spring 2015

For more information, visit: http://www.veterans.iastate.edu/veterans-learning-community

Watch the website for more information.